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Friday, April 22, 2011
Ola! Happy Good Friday, peeps!! Since I am still awake at this time (12 a.m.), I would like to share movies that I  watched a while ago and I feet I want to share with you all. All these three movies are different themes and  styles. It makes me cry and believe me. It's worth to watch :) You can find tones of review about all these three movies,

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The Blind Side. A true story of Michael Ohren, a homeless African-American boy who became a successful football player nowadays. I enjoyed myself watching this movie.

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Precious. It is just too powerful for tears. I truly highly recommend you to watch!!! No fast forward, no pause. I just simply enjoy every second of this movie. This is truly inspire movie to watch and think how lucky are we now.

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The Lovely Bonds. Again, this is my personal interest, I kinda like it. Mystery yet sad. You kinda have to watch to the end then you only able to find the truth. Patient is recommend for this movie because it's kinda long.


cecimaginary said...

already watched the first two above! will definitely search for the lovely bones soon.

i tot the blind side is just a typical movie about US ppls, but am totally wrong..really touched me a lot.. thanks for sharing. we have the same interest in movies choices :)

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