Being thankful

Saturday, May 22, 2010

If you're able to find {A} friend who share the same passion with you, that would be the best thing ever that you could imaging. And what makes it even awesome that she have the same first name as yours. Double-Yay for that!! I'm introducing you, Michelle Costello. I met Mich during the meeting that we had with Dawn in March. Since then, we both still keep in touch with each others. Email, sms, tweet, hang-out. Anything.We would even sms/email each others, just to remind each others about the releasing date of PTI. Haha {::smile}

When I've any questions (or maybe problems :p) regarding card making, I know who should I go after. Haha.. SMS-ed her and she would reply as fast as she could to help me solve the problems.

I'm feeling thankful for the true blessings that happen in my life. Friends, families, siblings, cousins, I love you all.



Sue W said...

Haha good for you girls!!! Ooh let me know when next you place an order with PTI would you? I have my eye on some of thier dies. xx