Lacking of motivation

Monday, November 30, 2009
In just the past few weeks I've been trying to stay at craft room and make some cards like what I usually do. Each time I realize it's time to make some craft goodies, it always not the case. Lacking of motivation :( Haha.. but I thank you for my friends who make orders for Christmas's card. Before I flew to Melbourne for Laurence (my newborn's nephew) full month celebration, I completed 20 out of 35 cards and I took the remaining 15cards to Melbourne just to do final touch-up. But the worst part was I forgot to take photos of them.. Arghh. So far I only got 1 card to show it to you guys. 1 card!!! I'm such a slacker nowadays. Please forgive me.

I specially made this card for my colleague, Danniel who requested a anniversary card for his 4 years's girlfriend, Charlotte, who also my colleague as well. I'm glad she like it :)

The only thing she commented was the envelope. I'm currently using those post-letter envelope for most of my orders. She would prefer those we normally purchase from gift store or card section. It makes sense. Envelopes does effect the whole quality of the card as well. I really appreciate her suggestion and I probably will change it to those thicker envelope for my future orders :) to look more professional. Anyway, more updates are their way.