Happy Birthday, Marlene

Friday, November 6, 2009
Happy Birthday, Marlene!!

Dear Marlene, I did a little prayer for your birthday, and here's my prayer:

"On this your birthday, I pray for your happiness, of course, but also for a greater sense of fulfillment in work, an ease of communication with those you love, and a sense of satisfaction in all that you have accomplished. Above all, may you rest secure in the knowledge of God's constant love and care for you, personally. Lord, I also prayed that our friendship will grow stronger and last long. In Jesus name, amen. "

So sorry that didn't manage to call you last night. Anyhow, I wish you all the the best and we shall see each others again, soon :). Happy Birthday, once again!!

Lots of love,



marlene said...

Wow! Thanks Michelle for your call and your prayer. I always think that - prayer (and bible) is the most romantic gift for someone you care :) Cause you give the "Best" :)
Thanks again and i thank God for allow me to know you in person :) Looking fwd to see you again!