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Saturday, February 11, 2012
In about 4 days time, it's world's XOXO's day. Or whatever. Valentine's day is approaching and unless some stroke of whirlwind romance hits me, I will be alone this year. 

This is fine with me because I do not mind to share the love with my family. With steak and red wine and/ or some chocolate fondue perhaps. Ha!

Now, with Valentine's day being just a few days away, the love bug finally decided to hit me recently. I managed to made few love love cards and honestly. I love it! Instead of sitting there and watching tv, I decided it's about time to pick up the tools and make some cards. No regrets. Very simple and clean design for this time.

Ideas were flying around the room the other night and I came out with this....

I was also super inspired after created the first card, and couldn't wait to use the same technique by die-cutting the alphabets and create another valentine's card. 

It's definitely simple and clean design for this time. Simple and clean are usually not my design style yet I need to learn to be 'simple minded' some time. 

Maybe I should post some of the details of the cards. It seem very simple and I tell ya... it is simple to make. I'm sure your partner will value it so much if you decide to make something (card, cake, cupcake etc.) for her/him. I'm not saying you must create something like this but at least some words that will cheer up his/her day. Be creative. 

Ready for much more easier and simple card? I'm ready and I'm surprise with the outcome. Love... love it! I think it's only takes about 6 minutes to create each cards below. 

Good grief, that was fast and easy. I think I'm in love. Happy indeed!! I hope with this post, it will inspire you, you, you and you... to do/make something special for your loves one. Mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, neighbor, nephews, nieces, friends or even your kitty kitty cat or pup! Anyone.

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy day, dear friends!

xo, M

Updated: WOW! How can I forget this card?! It's one of my fav among all these. Lucky that I doubt checked my photos before I dooze off for tonight. Here you go. "You + Me = Forever"


liya said...

Nice!! Happy V-day to you- although alone this year, but I'm sure your special someone is just around the corner.

Michelle T. said...

It definitely gonna be big surprise! Haha :)